Hamer FAQ

Can Hamer be consumed on a long term basis?
Yes. Our body cells are being replenished all the time, long term consumption of Hamer® helps in maintaining an energetic healthy body.

What if we encounter symphoms like pain in the waist and back; or even dizziness after consuming Hamer?
Hamer is an overall nutriment that improves the productivity of our body cells. The glucocortoid hormone in Cynomorium Songaricum can enhance the metabolism of our body system enabling our body cells to absorb sufficient nutrients to produce more energy. These enhancement processes will evocate various reactions as described above. However, such symptoms are considered short-term reactions which mostly will vanish after 1 week of consumption. This is also known as the Healing Crisis.

Can women consume Hamer?
Yes. Hamer is a total nutriment for body cells and can improve women’s health and reduce fatigue effectively.

How do we consume Hamer and how soon can we feel the effects?
One candy a day preferably on an empty stomach. First timers will feel the effects within the first few days. It is also recommended that you drink lots of water.

What is Hamer Candy?
Hamer Candy is a unique product in the form of candy that has helped many in improving their quality of life.

Is the consumption of Hamer addictive?

Why is Hamer in the form of candy?
This is because the nutrients can be directly absorbed through the tongue without being denaturized by the stomach acid during digestion. Being individually packed also make it easier to be consumed anywhere anytime.

What should I do if children accidentally consumed Hamer?
It doesn’t matter. Hamer is safe and will not harm them. No special treatment is required if accidentally consumed by children.

Can I drink alcohol after consuming Hamer?
It is recommended that you consume Hamer only 4 hours after drinking alcohol.

Is Hamer a natural food?
Hamer is a natural health food that helps supply nutrients to our body cells, suppress free radicals and reduces fatigue.

Can everyone consume Hamer?
Children, pregnant women and women who are breast feeding are not encouraged. Those with chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease, liver and kidney diseases and cancer should consult your doctors before consumption. Besides these anyone can consume Hamer.

Can Hamer be consumed together with other products?

How safe is Hamer to our body?
Hamer is safe for consumption because all the ingredients in Hamer does not contain aphrodisiac, western medicines, illegal drugs, steroids, etc.

What are the favorable effects after consuming Hamer?
Hamer helps reduce fatigue, expedites blood circulation and energizes our body. Besides it also helps in speedy stamina recovery of muscles, body and soul. It also gives us sexual rejuvenation and makes us feel young.

Why do I experience Acid Reflux after taking Hamer?
Acid reflux is also known as heartburn, acid indigestion, or pyrosis. It happens when some of the acidic stomach contents go back up into the esophagus. Acid reflux creates a burning pain in the lower chest area, often after eating. More information can be found via Google search using the same search phrase. This can be due to many reasons, and at times it may not be due to Hamer Candy. However, in our experience you can try taking Hamer Candy after food instead of before and see if there’s any improvement.